Welcome To Kin Lin Restaurant


The internationally known restaurant Kinlin opened October 1, 1980. The original concept of the house was to provide its guests with a select
Continental menu coupled with an ambience that encouraged intimate, convivial conversation. The menu featured dining that was unique to the Toledo community.

Kinlin boasts a creative varied Continental menu and wine list that is under
the watchful eye of its proprietress. The consistent quality of Kinlin has been recognised by The Toledo Blade. In 1988, The Blade food editor, Mary Alice Powell, rated Kinlin as a number one among the top ten. By 1991, The Blade food critic declared that Kinlin was in a class by itself.

Kinlin has brought an architectural element to her restaurant and lounge using a similar simplistic use of sheer fabric. In the lounge, sheer fabric gently frames a mirrored wall giving the impression that there is another similar room attached. This effect is quite intriguing and adds dimension to the action filled bar and lounge area. Mirror continues to create energy over the bar reflecting a magnificent cobalt blue fluted vase containing huge red roses and palm fronds. Three art deco style lamps with metal mesh shades gently warm the bar seating with subtle and sensual light. Smokey glass panels separate the bar from the main dining room and add acoustical privacy still giving one the feeling of openness.


Our customers love us!

“The best chinese I’ve ever had! The quality of food is excellent, the staff is friendly and the service is fast. Five star. Recommended!” Kevin 

“Kin Lin Restaurant is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants. The food is fresh, delicious and the service is superb.” Dan, Simply Removals

“My kids love Kin Lin. There is plenty of choice and the staff is always friendly and professional. Great service, happy and relaxing restaurant.” Martin, Carey London Ltd

“This may not be the type of review  I want to share but, I am naming a particular dish that I love the most from this restaurant. It’s the delicious Kimchi. Exquisite!” Castle Finance Direct/Castle Finance

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